Okay, its now November and I’ve already been working at Christ’s Church of the Valley for almost 6 months. I’m still unsure what the future will bring. I’ve learned so much so far, about myself and about working on a team, and I am definitely excited about seeing this church grow and continue to win many people to Christ.

We just got back from Mexico this last weekend where we built 8 houses with 220 students. We worked with Amor Ministries (www.amor.org), and camped out for three days. It was windy, incredibly dusty, the bathrooms were just a hole dug in the ground, and it was hard to drive anywhere without getting stuck. Oh, and the other thing was that we slept in tents that were like right next to each other, so if someone was snoring, there was no escaping it! We worked 9 hour days of hard work, hammerning boards together, hanging Chicken wire, smearing stucko, lifting framing, and mixing concrete. The best sunscreen we had was like SPF 15, so the back of my neck and my shoulders got torched really bad. I was on a house with a bunch of freshmen boys who are awesome and good friends of mine, but who for some reason liked to periodically cram a shovel-full of stucko down the back of my shirt (I got them back by throwing them in the vat filled with stucko water). We had to get up at like 5 AM every morning.

But I’m definitely going back.

What an honor it was to serve the people of Puerto Panasco. They literally lived in shacks, some of them filled with families of like 5-6 people. There was so many flies too, just buzzing around. Many of the parents had to go to work during the day, but the rest of the family was there. They were so happy and excited to get a home. Amor’s motto is “come build hope.” For those people, the homes we built were hope. Those four walls gave them hope. What an honor to be able to build them a home.

I’m excited for what the Lord is doing in the lives of our students. I know that He is working in this ministry, and I know that He is teaching me new things in the course of my work here at the church. We will see what the future holds…


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