Ok, so recently I was challenged by a friend to begin writing on a topic that I was passionate about. After a few moments of deliberation, the topic that emerged was “transformation.” I am setting out to write a few paragraphs at most each day about ways that I am changing/transforming. Each day’s post will consist of several different ways in which I have changed that partiular day. My goal in doing this is to be able to better communicate what it is that gets me so excited about transformation as an idea, as the goal of my life, and as a dream for the future of history, of humanity, and of eternity.

To some, change may appear to be cyclical. It may appear that though things change, there will come a time when whatever it was that changed will be back to where it was at. History supports this…a long cycle of peace, then tension, then conflict. We have all heard of the concept of the pendulum swing…that certain trends in human thought, art, literature, and philosophy have a tendancy to be at extremes when it comes to certain points of interest. After that “extreme” has run its course, the next generation overcompensates to neutralize that extreme, and what we get is a pendulum swing to the other extreme. It is understandable why some people would view change as cyclical in history.

But the kind of change I’m talking about is not cyclical. It is real change, that leaves those in its path unalterably different than before. It is raw transformation, where something or someone is renovated, revamped, reconstructed, resurrected, into a new creation. Its the change that can happen inside the human heart. Its the kind of change that alters values, that redirects convictions, that channels behavior into clear purposes, and unequivocably leaves a new world in its wake.

I guess the reason this kind of change excites me so is that I believe it is possible. There are those who would tell you that people don’t change, and that people stay the same as they have always been, and most people walk around with the Popeye attitude: “I yam what I yam.” I believe that I can change. This hope is my flux capacitor that keeps me going…that I can become a new person, and that I am becoming a new person. And that if I can, and if I do, this world will inevitably be a different place, becuase if you can change the people of the world, you can change the problems of the world.

And so here I go, on this quest to understand change. I want to understand what kind of changes are happening inside me, and what kind of changes are possible inside me. I want to see change in those around me, and I want my life to create an environment where change happens.

TODAY: Its only 2:12, but today I started carrying a notebook in the back pocket of my jeans. Thanks Scott. Also, I was cleaning my room for the people that I live with, and I told myself that I was going to keep it clean from here on out. Right now, its virtually spotless, and I know they really appreciate that, so I am going to keep doing it. I also made a decision to spend time with people that challenge my thinking, that encourage dreaming and creativity. That is how I have changed so far today. Tonight is New Years Eve, 2006-2007, a great time to think about change.


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