Transformation requires new ideas to be introduced. Today I had a conversation with the guy that I work for (my boss) about where the area of influence we oversee is heading. I expressed to him that it was killing me to not be in a community where any risks were being taken, and where predictability is the climate. I told him that we as a community need to begin to be creative and throw out ideas that are risky. I then preceded to share with him four or five ideas of things we could do that are totally out of the ordinary. His response on one of them was, “I’d love to try that, but sometimes the system doesn’ t let you.” My response? “Let’s change the system then!” For a moment, I could see his eyes light up as I shared one of my ideas, but then that look faded behind a million reasons why not.

My ideas may not be completely heard for awhile, but he did give me some encouragment at the end of our conversation: he said “its one thing to try and do big things like that as a whole, but what about the area of responsibility you’ve been given (which is small groups)? You need to first be creative and innovative with those things, and sometimes that has a way of being contagious.” That last comment was huge for me. Things like that totally excite me and encourage me. This is how I have changed today: I have decided to come up with something totally new for small groups this semester. Maybe not anything huge, but I will think of something new to add excellence to our ministry.

I’ve also decided to learn how to be competitive at Settlers of Catan, while realizing that after the game is over, I’ve still got friendships to maintain with the guys I am playing with!

Luke, out.


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