>Last night we were all sitting around at a party at one of my friends’ houses, and no one knew what to do next. Most of the people there weren’t very talkative, and the people that were didn’t know each other very well. In one of those awkward silences, I made a decision to make up a game that we could all play. We were all sitting around a table, so I began to clear plates, food, water bottles, off of it so we could play. People began making fun of me and rolling their eyes, calling me names, but I kept forging ahead. When the table was clear, I set a half-full (yep that’s the kind of guy I am) bottle in the middle of the table. Then I slid it to the person across from me.

What ensued from that moment on was nothing short of incredible. Eight people began putting their heads together to come up with rules, fouls, and situational guidelines for the game that would become “Sike, Dike, Trike, Klondike.” Sike, dike and trike were like strikes one two and three, while Klondike is what you were if you got out. You’d have to slide the water bottle to a different person each time, and if the two bottles in motion clashed, you both got a “strike.”

It was amazing to watch people begin to work at an idea that originated with me. They even got excited about it, and that which for awhile they made fun of eventually became what one person called “the funnest game we’ve played all night.” That was one of those rare moments of joy for me that gets me excited about generating creative ideas.

Today I taught a two hour class to high schoolers. Granted, these are some of the most mature high schoolers you will meet, it was still a challenge. I realized at the end that I didn’t teach my topic in a creative enough way. I’m doing it again next week, and I have decided that I will do something creative to teach this next topic.

I’m different today than I was yesterday because I have a stronger relationship with a friend that I spent time with. And I have a deeper appreciation for family, with whom I spent some time tonight playing Settlers of Catan. My prayer tonight is that I will never stop changing and morphing into something new, into my own unique expression of the character of Christ.


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