I watched a movie called “Children of Men” yesterday. Again, I went alone to the theater…why do I find going to the movies alone so appealing? I don’t know. There was a powerful scene in the movie, where a woman with the last baby on earth (all the women cannot get pregnant) walks out of a building with a bunch of soldiers firing guns. They hear the baby cry, and they suddenly stop firing their weapons. There are a few minutes of pure silence, and all the soldiers kneel and place their guns on the ground.

I realized that there is one thing that has the power to bring humanity to its knees and overpower all the vain pursuits of this life…it is hope.

I realized that I want one of my central goals in life to be this: to offer people hope. In everything I do. I want my life, my words, my actions, my attitudes, to be a source of hope for people. Hope that they can become a different person. Hope that there is a God out there who cares for them, despite the thousands of voices that say otherwise, hope that someday, things will be better, that a better world is coming, hope that what they’ve always imagined of being true could be true, that they can accomplish their dreams.

Isn’t hope a powerful thing? Its all I hold onto. That’s how I’ve changed on my day off.


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