It’s 5:30. I’m sitting in my office. Most everyone else has left the building, but I. I finally finished some stuff I wanted to get done before today was over, and I’m sitting here in my ‘creative chair’ thinking about eternal things.

It’s still there, those feelings.

We went to the mall today for a ‘department meeting,’ and we had an interesting task. We had to pretend to be new to town, and strike up conversations with three people and ask if they knew of any good churches to attend.

I got my lunch and sat down next to a couple high school guys, who had just gotten out of school (half day today). I couldn’t help but eavesdrop, and I overheard that one of the guys had just come out of Hollister, bag in hand, only to realize that one of the employees had given him 25 extra bucks change. Taking my oppurtunity, I leaned in and asked him,

“so are you gonna give it back?”


“you should give it back.”

“why? It’s her fault!”

“What’s the right thing to do? What kind of person do you want to be?”

At this point in the conversation, the guys continued to talk amongst themselves, and I leaned in again.

“Hey guys, quick question. I’m new around here [lie] and I’m looking for a church. What do you suggest?”

“CCV!” They all replied in unison (which happens to be my place of emplyment).

“Do they have a pretty cool high school program or something?” I asked, secretly smirking.

“Yeah…its awesome. We go every week.” I couldn’t help but chuckle, because if they really did go every week…they’d recognize me from the stage, but I kept going.

“What do you like about CCV?” I asked.

“It’s really laid back. You don’t have to dress up, and theres a bunch of people there.”

“Is it laid back enough to allow its people to take money from Hollister?”

Its interesting how most people view church…as not an “everywhere” thing, but a time and a place thing. Its a place you go, an activity you engage in, a service you attend, but not a person you are or a lifestyle you live. But there is no detour around that stage of faith….everyone has to go through it.


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