“…eternal, immortal, invisible…”

So we played this really weird, crazy game tonight called “Killer Bunnies.” The object of the game is to first get a bunny card, and then get a carrot card. At the end of the game, only the people who have carrot cards win, and the carrot card that is on the bottom of the pile wins. You have to have a bunny for your carrot to count, and what makes the game tricky is that there are like weapon cards that you can use to kill other people’s bunnies and other random stuff. It was funny to think that 6 guys over the age of 20 were playing this stupid bunny game. The funny thing about this game is that you can spend all your cards trying to protect your bunnies, even ending up with more than everyone else, and still lose it all.

Life is like that too, isn’t it?


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