Geez. I’m actually an adult.

I went to a high school basketball game last night, and a soccer game tonight. Its funny watching freshmen boys compete… I can’t help but chuckle. They are all competing, but are also concerned with how they look while everyone is watching. At the basketball game, I sat with two of the dads of the freshmen guys in my discipleship group from church. They were yelling and shouting out coaching points at their sons, who were both listening more to their dads than they did to their coaches…it was great.

High school is such a distant past for me, but being at those games made me revisit some high school memories:

FRESHMEN YEAR: I got arrested for shoplifting chewing tobacco. The charges were dropped, but had they caught me with all the other stuff that I had stolen, I’d have been in a lot more trouble. I got in trouble all the time, spent a lot of time in suspension, and was really concerned with being popular. I went to a dance with Genny Short, who made me dress up as Romeo, and she was Juliet. I wore these stupid green tights… all the guys made fun of me. After gym class one time, we discovered that one of the pop machines was open…the distribution guy had forgotten to lock it, so we loaded my backpack up with ALL the pop in the machine, and put it in my locker. It supplied me and my friends for a month. I had a crush on this girl named Adrea, who my best friend ended up dating. Oh well. Travis Chard, Ned Epps, and I spent our Friday nights prank calling people, playing video games, and making home videos of stupid skits we’d make up. Oh, Paradise Punch and Dominoes pizza for lunch everyday.

SOPHOMORE YEAR: I had a teacher who hated me named Mrs. Wika. Probably because one day on test day, the stack of tests was on the table at the front, and while she wasn’t looking, I took them and hid them all, so our class didn’t end up taking the test. A goodie two shoe girl told on me. I made the JV soccer team, and started sometimes, but halfway through the season, a new kid showed up named Tyler who was a little bit faster than me, so he played forward instead of me. I started going out and getting drunk this year, but always phased in and out of it, knowing I was ‘selling out.’ Had a life changing conversation at a Young Life weekend retreat with a friend of mine. Got cut from Jazz Band and Pops Choir. Usually sophomores don’t even try out though…so I took pride in that.

I’ve changed so much.



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