I’m still looking for answers. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do in life.
I’m still looking for her.
I’m still preaching.
I’m still failing.
I’m still hoping that what I’m staking my life on will turn out to be true.
I’m still collecting quotes, ideas, stories, etc.
I’m still telling stories.
I’m still reading my Bible.
I’m still wishing I was more consistent.
I still feel like a boy struggling to become a man.
My heart still beats to see people change their lives.
I’m still looking for someone to follow.
I’m still in search of the elusive community called the church.
I’m still wondering if the way we are doing it is wrong.
I’m still challenging the process.
I’m still reading books, as often as I get the chance.
I’m still dreaming about who I am becoming.
I’m still working with high schoolers, after 5 years.
I still think that I have been given a significant role in life.
I’m still regretting time not spent with people from my past.
My desire for God still burns within.
The burden for other people who don’t know God still grows on my shoulders every day.
I still stay up too late at night.
I still sleep in too late in the morning.
I still eat a lot of cereal.
I still like the sound of cars whooshing in the distance.
I still look at the stars like I did when I was four years old.
I still say things I shouldn’t that hurt people.
I still think of myself a lot more than I think of others.
I still think the gospel is powerful.
I still think God uses the Bible to change people’s lives.
I still think the most powerful question a person can ask themselves is “who is Jesus?”
I still smoke a cigar every now and then.

I still feel an intense longing for that familiar something I’ve never really had.


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  1. “So your friend’s blog inspired me. I wrote about his “I still” and also the “I am” that I had done before in a leadership class and posted them on my blog. When you talk to him next thank him for inspiring me.”there you go … your words have power. krysta

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