Focus…. that’s what I need in life. I can dream, and I do. I can talk big, and I do. But what I don’t have all the time is focused energy towards one specific goal. I need to learn the art of focus… I need to practice with my thoughts, and fixing them on one thing. I need to practice with my time… being more proactive with my schedule and calendar.

Step 1: Identify that goal.
Step 2: Identify the activiities that I can do to see that goal/dream become a reality.
Step 3: Reorganize my life around that reality.
Step 4: Create a catalytic movement/organization behind that goal to enlist others in the cause.
Step 5: Achieve success in accomplishing that goal over a long period of time.
Step 6: Tell the story that changed the world.

Peter Drucker: “Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things.” Or something like that.


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