It’s my thinking hours…1 AM to 3 AM. I am a thinking person. I always evaluate everything…situations, people, performance, you name it. There’s always more going on than meets the eye with me. Maybe that’s why I have trouble sleeping at night… I lay in bed and I just want to write… sometimes with no purpose at all other than to get something on paper. Its always been therapeutic for me… just getting thoughts out.

Its amazing the way human beings work. It amazes me how the culture a person lives in can and does to a great degree determine the decisions they make, what they believe, and how they live their life. It’s hard to find people who look at culture with that critical eye, and identify the areas of influence that culture has exerted upon them. Its hard to find people who truly listen to their life, who are in tune with the vibrations of their soul, and who are constantly aware of the inner movements within them.

Listening to life is huge. I go through spells. Sometimes I’m super attentive to what’s going on with my spirit. There are sometimes when I know exactly where I’m at, what I need to work on, and how I need to direct the desires that are in me that aren’t going to go away. And other times, I live life in “cruise control,” with very little listening and reflecting.

I wonder what we’d hear if we spent more time listening to our lives…

Prideful pursuits? Incorrect motives? Unarticulated and undirected passion? Genuine and measurable growth? These are all things that I have heard when I have listened to my soul, and opened my ears to life.

God, help me to hear your voice admist all the noise of culture and life and busyness, and give me wisdom with which to know how to interpret the movements of the soul, because I feel as if another one is coming soon…


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