I was driving on the road… it was a familiar street that I drive down almost daily, when I got so lost in my thoughts that I lost track of where I was. I continued to drive, unaware of what direction I was traveling in a location that should have been obvious.

Wanna know what the thought was?

It was this: I was thinking about that moment (in most people’s life) that comes when you realize that the poeple you look to for answers are human, just like everyone else. Even those that are accomplishing great things, commanding the respect of hundreds, even thousands of people, even these people are humans, like me. I was thinking about that moment in a person’s life, and how it affects them.

I used to be the kind of guy who was always on the lookout for someone to follow, like the disciples in the Bible who leave their work behind when Jesus comes along and says “follow me,” and they do. I used to have my leadership compass always alert…seeking out every oppurtunity to learn something from someone else, and pursuing that as my purpose in life.

Though I find it difficult to pinpoint the exact time it happened, somewhere along the line I realized that great influencers, leaders, legends, are people, like me. Which at that moment meant to me that I didn’t have to keep looking for someone to motivate me, for someone with the kind of character worth following, and I didn’t have to continue jumping from book to book in search of the great new trendy ideas that were influencing the culture I was in.

I realized I could be that person. I realized I could write those books. I realized I could do things that would cause people to tell stories about later. I realized that it was within me to become that which I admired in others. I realized I could actually think for myself, that I could speak new ideas that other people would talk about.

This world is filled with scribes, as A.W. Tozer once said, who skitter around from leader to leader regurgitating all the great ideas and concepts…but the world doesn’t need more scribes. What the world needs more of are prophets… those with such a deep experience of life and God that they give everyone else something to talk about.

Why do I desire that so much?


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