The last chapter in the bible is a book called Revelation, and there is a section in this book where the author is writing about several churches in the area of that time that had fallen away from doing what was right. The author is giving them warnings about the ways in which they have turned away from God. One of the churches is in Ephesus, and as the author is listing things about the church in Ephesus, it seems like he can’t really find anything bad to say. He commends them because they don’t tolerate false teachers or wickedness, they work hard to serve other people, and they had endured many terrible bouts of persecution, yet their faith was still strong. But then he draws there attention to one thing that is holding them back, one thing that is detrimental to their growth, and indeed threatens to kill their very souls:

they had “neglected [their] first love.”

They had denied that which was the whole reason they existed in the first place. What a tradgedy…to neglect one’s first love. To deny that which is so uniquely you, suppressing what once was a roaring flame of life into tired little embers of a dying camp fire, cooling late into the night. I was walking out of Chevy’s mexican food resteraunt when this thought hit me:

There are a few things in life that almost bring tears to my eyes every time I think about them. Things I’ve always dreamed of doing and being, things to which my story is inescapably tied. They are those things that are tied to every chapter of my existence. For me to forget about those things would be the death of my soul. They are those things that I live for, that I wake up in the morning eager to pursue, that I hunger for, that I dream about as I lay in bed at night; those things that are recalled to my mind at spontaneous moments throughout the day and through unexpected stimuli.

I’ll never let go.

“Your heart is free, boy. Have the courage to follow it.”


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