Thought of the day: someone I work with said something to someone else I work with that was a totally innocent, though somewhat misinformed opinion. This other person snapped back at them and corrected them in a way that was totally belittling in front of our whole team as we were walking into lunch.

I realized that not only had this person expressed to this other person his disgust for the other’s opinion, but the way he had done it was inhuman. That’s right, I said it: inhuman. He didn’t treat this person as a human being, but as a lower life form.

I watched how this person responded to the harsh, yet subtle attack, and he totally kept his cool throughout the whole situation. I thought about how he was a human, just like me, and just like the guy who had snapped at him. No human deserves to be treated that way. Which led me to remember something that I so often forget:

People deserve to be treated with love and respect simply because they are people, created in the image of God. They deserve to be treated like humans, no matter what they’ve done or who they are. The moment we begin to devalue a person’s humanity is the moment the world begins to look more like hell. Literal hell.

Humanity deserves love… that’s my thought for the day.

Still haven’t called the guy out on it though. That’s the other part of love.


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