You know when you read something that was meant for someone else, or hear someone say something to someone else, but in some abstract way, you feel it is being said to you?

I’m of the school that believes that things in life are connected… that everything in the world bears some kind of message. Its all trying to communicate something about life, about reality, about existence. I can’t help but think that sometimes even the smallest events in my day are tools from God to provoke certain thoughts or reveal to me certain things. Footprints in the grass as I walk up to the office I work in. Sudden turns in conversation with someone upon the mention of certain things. Things I watched on TV. Why do I have this feeling that its all connected?

Tonight I was reading the Bible, in the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament… God sends Jeremiah to speak a very difficult message to a entire nation, from kings to priests to all the people, that basically they are going to be destroyed because of their sin. God warns Jeremiah that everyone will hate him because of this message he must bear, but God promises Jeremiah that he will be with him and will give him strength and courage. Along with all this, he gives Jeremiah a strong warning: “do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them.”

And why do I feel its spoken to me as well? Why do I feel the gravity of this moment? Why do pictures flash through my mind of thousands of moments where I wanted to stand up for my convictions, but was too afriad to speak?

What if its true…that everything in life is somehow connected, and that there is someone greater using every means possible to get you to hear what he is trying to say?

Random thoughts for tonight. I’m out.


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