I just spent the weekend with some cool people from Peru: Taylor, Manuel, and Maria. They came to visit Phoenix to check out our church to see what they could implement in their church back home. It’s cool to see other people who are hungry to change the world and to change culture even in other parts of the world. Taylor will probably read this because we exchanged blogs (taylorbarriger.blogspot.com), so if you are reading this know that it was incredible to chat with you guys and to hear about your dream to change culture and bless the “generaciones del futura.” It was such a blessing to have you here!

I was reminded this weekend that I’m a complete”extrovertido.” I’m energized by people. I love getting to know people, understanding them, asking them questions about them and their passions in life. Extroverts have to be introverts sometimes too though, in the sense that they have to be introspective, or other people will dictate their identity.

I’ve also been thinking about finding my voice. Its so easy to let all the other noise in this world create thoughts in my head. I need to be intentional about generating my own inner dialogue…this means not watching as many movies or tv, and even not reading as many books. I need to do more thinking and writing if I am ever going to develop my own voice. The introspection of an extrovert…hmmm, wonder how that’s going to work out. I’m need to be strategic about finding as many avenues as I can think of for this to happen…particularly in writing and speaking.

I’m speaking this weekend on the healing of the paralytic in the bible. Its hard to develop a message from a story that your audience assumes is irrelevant…I mean, really, what teenager is going to identify with a paralized guy lying on a mat who was lowered through the ceiling.

What people can identify with is that feeling of helplessness, for sure in a physical sense, but also in a spiritual sense. Key questions that come to my mind are: (1) Have you ever felt spiritually helpless, like there was nothing you could do to connect with and kind of higher power? (2) Have you ever had someone help you in a moment of helplessness like this? (3) How did you feel when that person helped you? (4) Is there anyone you know who just seems like they are helpless…and they have no one to cry out to?

I don’t know. Those are my initial thoughts. I know that there are teenagers that live in spiritual paralyisis, and I wonder how they would respond if they were told there was a cure…and that he was right down the street?


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