Exciting things that happened today in my life: none.
Meetings I had today: 4
Depressing thoughts I had today: 3
Times I was disrespected by people I work with today: 1
Moments where I felt dissatisfied with myself: 2
Moments where I felt significant and purposeful: 3
Ham and cheese sandwiches I made today: 1
Apple pies I ate today: 1/4
Chapters in the Bible I read today: 1
Realizations that led me closer to understanding myself I had today: 1
Useless blogs I wrote today: 1
Freshmen high schoolers I hung out with today: 13
Number of minutes I consciuosly went over my limit: 15
How much I’m going to pay for each of those: 60 cents
Rides home I gave tonight: 2
Video chat conversations I had tonight that made the other person’s day: 1 🙂

My next moment comes swiftly, so I must prepare (which means my next speaking engagement for the not so intuitive).


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