I’m creating my future. Little by little, I’m becoming a different person. I’m transforming.

I was sitting at my desk today, with a blank notepad in front of me. I grabbed a pen and started dreaming…writing ideas that came to my head. In a mess of chaotic conceptualization, I created a piece of my future. A new idea was born.

I’m glad that I’m working for an organization that encourages me to dream. I’m thankful I’m in a role that allows me to create my own job. I function best when given the freedom to create and explore, and that’s where I’m at now. So that’s what I’m going to do…I’m going to continue to create my future, little by little. I want to serve the world in a big way…but I also want to serve the world in a small way too.

I don’t dream about great things I can do as much anymore. I dream about the great man I can become; I dream about the character qualities I will one day embody. Those dreams are more powerful to me than the other ones, yet I know that these will soon evolve from “who I can be” to “what I can do for the world…” That’s the place where I will find my voice.


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