Something that’s really dangerous is what I call “fool’s gold faith.” It’s where a person thinks they have it when they really don’t. It’s the kind of faith that doesn’t change a person’s life. It’s the kind of faith that hides in the shadows of “beliefs” with no actions attached to it. Its people who call themselves followers of the way of Christ, but don’t look any different than those who claim that there is no God.

Sometimes I ask myself, ‘how did our culture get to this place, where we buy into this ‘fool’s gold’ and teach it to our children’? I think its because we all feel like we are entitled to something. We feel like if we just believe the right things in our heads, we deserve something, and that God is bad if he doesn’t give us cheap grace for merely agreeing with a couple core beliefs.

The hard part about ‘fool’s gold’ is that the fool doesn’t know its not gold. That’s why its so dangerous. I’ve watched people live for years without ever doing something they are really passionate about that really matters. Nothing ever changes.

I’ve got fool’s gold faith. My life with God is inconsistent, confusing, lazy, sometimes aimless, unfocused, and apathetic. And truth be told, I’m a little worried about myself. Were I to stand before God today, what would he say? Would he be proud of me? Would he want to spend time with me? Would he approve of the 23 years I’ve lived? Is “faith” one of the words that would be used to describe my life? Am I avoiding the obvious truth that my faith is decaying and not progressing?

That’s my deepest desire… to find this elusive treasure called faith. Authentic, unadulterated faith that moves mountains, and puts others first, that serves, gives, loves, leaves, works, and values the small things. I want to see something happen with my life that appears impossible.

Am I too idealistic? Is that too much to ask? If I spend my whole life trying to find this faith and never do, it will still be a life well lived.


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