Ah…nothing better than the day off… as long as you protect it from appointments. My phone rang like three times this morning, and I didn’t feel guilty not answering it. Sigh.

I’ve got a couple things I need to take care of today: (1) wash my car, (2) get a dentist appointment (haven’t been since college), set up a doctor’s appointment to get my vaccinations updated for the Dominican trip, and eat some bratwursts while sitting by the pool. I’ll probably read a few chapters from Hatchet (yes, its the one by Gary Paulson that we all read in like 5th grade…I ordered it from Amazon).

This week is going to be a fast week. We have Ignition, a huge event coming up for our incoming freshmen, and I am flying out on Thursday for my cousin’s wedding. That means everything has to be ready before I leave. Tuesday and Wednesday is what I’ve got. I’m excited for all the freshmen to join high school, and I’m stoked for CIY. I love working with teenagers!

My thought for the day is this: there’s something about your daily routine that matters for eternity. There’s something about what you spend your time doing today, when you have free time, that will make a difference beyond your years on this earth. I’m trying to orient myself so that I’m in that place where today and eternity intersect, so that my perspective is always bigger than just what I need to get done. Yet, at the same time, life was meant to be enjoyed, not so that you become a slave to worrying about your schedule.

I’m committed to endure the bad moments and enjoy the good ones, and to eat a whole lot of pizza in between. 🙂


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