I’m sitting at Sky Harbor, waiting to board the airplane to fly home to my cousin’s wedding. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve ever been this early to get on a plane. It seems like I’ve been flying a lot lately…this is my second time in the last two weeks.

For some reason, everytime I go to the airport, I’m reminded of how small my world is. I’m kind of a people watcher, and I always sit at airports, and watch people hurry by, or stand in line at the gate, or wait for the security checkpoint, and I always wonder about how many stories are going on right now. Literally millions of people are carrying on a story just like mine…they have an agenda, they have family, they have dreams, desires, goals, a history, and insecurities. How can one person be significant in a world where there are so many? Even famous people, and influential people… what does it take to be significant?

I guess what spurs these thoughts is the fire inside me to escape the category in which the majority of people fall: average. This desire is probably partly motivated by ego, partly motivated by a fear of mediocrity, but I think deep down everyone has this desire…to not be categorized as average, but to be unique, signficant, and appreciated for who they are, and to use that uniqueness to help other people.

What I’m talking about as I watch this anthill of people is the desire that all of us have that our lives would matter. To someone. Even just one person.

Why does it seem like some people “matter” more than others? Like some people make more of a difference in the world than other people? What sets people who make a difference apart from the “average” ones who don’t? How does a person make their life matter?

What a question.


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