Moment of maturity in my life: when I started holding myself responsible (to a limited extent) for the actions of those around me. Not that I decided to carry around the weight of the world over things I couldn’t control, but there was a moment in my journey where I really decided to invest in people and commit myself to seeing results in other people because of my relationship with them. “A serious meddling in the lives of other people,” if you will.

Sometimes I think its ok to do that, and sometimes I think it can be harmful and outright draining, but I still feel this incredible desire to see other people grow and develop. And for some reason I believe that my interactions with other people can bring them closer to living with purpose and closer to truth.

Arrogant? You bet. But its the good kind of arrogance that’s more like confidence in the hope of transformation…that people can change, no matter how long they’ve been the way they’ve been. What I mean with these few paragraphs is I want to take every chance I get to speak up and maybe help someone think about something differently, or grow in a way they didn’t think possible. I expect that kind of behavior from people who are my friends too, because I think that is the only way to make progress on any level in life.


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