As surprising as it may sound, one of the most encouraging things that happenes to me is when I am reminded about my insignificance. I’m not talking about when I lose my self-confidence, but when I’m subtlely reminded that no matter how much influence I may have on this world, I am really insignificant in the scheme of things, because others have come before me, and others will carry on after I’m dead.

Tonight I was reminded of my insignificance. Its amazing how you can pour everything you are into a message and communicate it passionately and powerfully, and still feel like for most people, its falling on dead ears. But its those few that I live for. Those few who deep inside something is screaming when they hear the words I speak. That voice inside is their own, awakening to the voice of truth, or what little nugget of it is being uttered.

I walk off stage, seemingly forgotten amidst the slew of announcements and the basketball tounament following our youth service. On the outside, significant, but under the surface, in the realm of the unseen, words uttered are sticking like barbs.

Or so I pray.



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