I want to get rid of our TV. I’m paying for basic cable, but I never watch it.

I’d be totally content having a living room with two reading chairs with some nice cozy lamp beside them, and a couch… no tv. Sure it’d suck to not be able to watch movies, but TV kills the imagination. I’m going to start reading a lot more. Watch out world. Its hard for me to allow my ideas to fester when I’m filling my life with the noise of a TV.

I read an interesting article in WIRED magazine today about how Americans don’t know what’s going on in current events like they did in the 80s. It listed a bunch of statistics about how much people’s knowledge about what’s going on in their worlds has decreased. Resolved: I’ve commited myself to getting better at knowing what’s going on.

I will:
Read some kind of article, daily.
Read my Bible, daily.
Read two blogs a week.
Start reading the newspaper.
Pray daily… for the eyes to see and the heart to discern what’s REALLY going on between the lines of what I read.


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  1. i find t.v. to be a creative stimulant in times when my brain simply can’t take in another piece of analytical information. you may hold off on getting rid of the tube all-together … wouldn’t that be like throwing out the baby with the bath water? i don’t know much about babies or bath water, but i’m sure it has a lot to do with your current dilemma 🙂

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