What if life wasn’t meant to be so complicated… if we weren’t meant to try so hard at everything?

I often find myself surrounded by pressure… the pressure to be a certain way, to do certain things, to act a certain way, to hang out with certain people, to have a certain busyness so that certain people respect me, to prove to the world that I am a certain type of person, and to show a certain God that I am certainly capable of meeting his demands.

What if it all wasn’t meant to be like that? Feeling like I’m never good enough, that I have to earn my lot in life, that there is something that I was meant to achieve that I never will unless I work harder produces an enormous gravity on my shoulders.

What if my life was meant to be lived with a greater sense of rest… of contentment, fulfillment, and wholeness out of which all my efforts and strivings bubbled?

I am a Christian. There’s a part in my Bible where one of the guys who is writing is praying for the people that he is writing to, that “the eyes of their hearts may be opened, so that they will know the hope…the worth… and his incomparable great power for [you] who believe.” In essence what he is saying is this: LOOK AT WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!

So much of live is lived out of an emptiness… a sense that our incompleteness can be cured by some sort of work, effort or striving. Its almost like so many times I find myself running for a goal that continues to elude my grasp, like the piece of meat that spins around the track at those dog races, coaxing them to run for something they will never get.

What if we started living life not out of emptiness, but out of fullness? What if everything we could ever ask for or desire was already given to us?

I’m not sure what that would look like, but a couple words come to mind: freedom. Contentment. Satisfaction. Joy. Rest. Power. Purpose. Sure there would be work to do, and sure there would be deadlines to meet, appointments to fill, and a world to be changed, but I wonder if the weight of all that was lifted, if it would be easier and a lot more fun to change the world.

“Christianity is a queer business! If at the outset we try to do anything, we get nothing; if we seek to attain something, we miss everything. For Christianity begins not with a big DO, but with a big DONE.”

Back to my Bible: “Praise be to God…who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.”



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