Sometimes I prefer to live life by the audible… the on-the-fly play call. I’ve never been the type of person to have to have everything meticulously planned out before doing it, and sometimes I’d almost prefer to fail and learn from my mistakes through action.

For some reason, its more exhilirating that way. At the root of this preference, there is a distinct mistrust in the system to bring about desired results. Sure, eveyrthing has its season and works for awhile, but no matter how planned out and strategic we are, life and people are simply not as predictable as most people think, and if they are, we are misjudging the nature of life.

Bam. Not sure what I’m getting at here… its a hot end of the summer here in Phoenix. We had 515 students come to our Sunday night service a couple days ago… beat the all time attendance record. Also, I’m going to a diamondbacks game tomorrow. Never been to one before… living proof of my thesis that life isn’t as predictable.

And I sold my mac. For 800 bucks. Got a company laptop whose wireless connection isn’t so good. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to post this blog.

What kind of story have we fallen into?


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