I once heard Bill Hybels say that the local church is the hope for the world, and the future of the church rests in the hands of a frighteningly small group of people called leaders.

I’ve thought so much about the idea that a few people make decisions that affect a lot of people… especially when it comes to church. People trust leaders to make decisions with their money, their time, and their gifts. To those that find themselves in positions where they are making those decisions… beware!

Leadership was something that I always used to aspire to, but now that I’m in a position of leadership and decision making on behalf of a lot of people, I’m thinking to myself, ‘what have I gotten myself into?’ It was easy when all my “leadership” affected was me… (but then no one was following so it wasn’t really leadership, it was just ‘taking a walk’). But now that my leadership affects other people, I can’t approach anything in my life as lightly as I used to.

I am being tested in many different ways. Time will tell whether I fail or not, and I pray that I’ll be the first to admit it, but I also pray that I will succeed… that I will be a faithful caretaker of the influence that has been given me, however big or small.


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