The weather in Phoenix is getting nicer. Its about 85-90 during the day, and at night gets down to about 70. I’ve been working out at nights… going running, lifting some weights, doing whatever in the gym at my apartment complex. Life’s good for me right now. Routine is good when you feel like you have the right one. Seems like I’ve sat through a ton of meetings with people lately. My outlook calendar is full of meetings, meetings, meetings, but I enjoy spending time with people.

We started teaching a series at church called “the iPod Gospel,” where we take popular songs and draw truth from them. THis last week we did a song by Paramore, entitled “I’m Pretty Optimistic, for a Pessimist.” I talked about relationships… and all the stuff that we deal with in high school relationships: emotional manipulation, dishonesty, guys lying to girls, girls lying to themselves. Anytime you talk about relationships with high schoolers, they are glued. This week is Saosin’s “You’re Not Alone.” I’m going to talk about how everyone hurts, but not everyone hopes. There is hope in the midst of your hurt, because someone else is going through it as well, and you will have a story to tell if you deal with it in the right way.

The daily grind gets to me. I had to get out of the office this afternoon… get some creative juice flowing. Tomorrow, the Office season 4 starts, and I’m having a party at my apartment. Will Jim and Pam resolve their never ending romantic tension? Will Ryan the temp fire Michael? Who knows!

Guitar Hero is addicting.


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