I’ve heard a lot of people give a lot of reasons of why they believe in God. I’ve heard the beauty and wonder of nature, I’ve heard the uncaused ‘first cause,’ I’ve heard stories of life change and evolution into a person of higher morality and ethics attributed to the existence of God, and I’ve even heard someone say they believe in God because “its what I was brought up to believe.”

In case you were wondering, I do believe in God, but I find the greatest evidence for my belief isn’t nature, or feelings that I have, or hopefully not a pseudo-spirituality that possesses a form of truth but denies its power. I find the most incredibly peculiar reality that can only be explained by God’s existence is this:

Our mysterious, unquenchable desire for more.

We all have within us, blazing white hot desire, and most of us can’t even pinpoint what it is that we desire. We know what tickles our desire… what feeds it for a moment, but then when whatever it was is gone, that desire only comes back stronger. We think a girlfriend will fill it, and she does for awhile, but then we realize that it wasn’t enough. We think entertainment will satisfy it, but even the movies we watch many times reawaken our wanting. The music we listen to and the bands and lyrics we love work for awhile, but then we realize that the messages that the songs we listen to contain bleed the very same desire which rages deep within.

The desire causes good, and it causes bad. It causes us to want good things, and it causes us to want unhealthy things, but nonetheless, we all feel like MORE is the answer.

Powerful people in our world know about this desire… it is familiar to them. They use this knowledge of our desires to cause us to spend money on their products, and to cause us to want to be like them, and conform to their image, and buy their clothes. We all sell what nobody needs, but we all need what nobody sells.

It is the great common denominator of the human race… the quest for more.

I believe in God because within me are ‘unspeakable longings’ for which nothing in this life seems to be enough. One author put it this way: “its not so much a design flaw, but a designed flaw.” Its as if the only explanation is that God has wired us in such a way that our deepest, most powerful wantings and cravings could only be fully met in Himself.

Will there be a day when I can finally cry out “enough! My thirst is quenched”? Will there be a day when I no longer have to wake up each morning thinking ‘what more can I do to be a better person?’ or ‘how can I get more influence today’ or ‘how can I make more money and be more secure?’ or ‘I need to be a better (you fill in the blank)”?

More might not be the answer I’m looking for…


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