I’m now a manager (even though I cringe when people call me that) of three people on our team at my job. It gives you a different perspective when you take other people’s development as seriously as your own. I guess that’s the natural terretory that comes with the R word–responsibility. I’m leading a team of three paid people, 60 volunteers, and 500 high school students. I’m a single guy, getting paid to relate to married couples and parents. The last two guys who did this job before me are legends in the realm of what I do.

On top of all that, there’s trying to maintain a personal life… trying to disengage when necessary, and fighting to not have work on the mind all the time. I’m constantly looking for what I call “necessary distractions”… things to take my mind off work so that I can check out a bit.

Then there’s the questions I have about church … and the validity of its current institutional manifestation in our culture today, knowing that I freely choose to work and exists within the structures whose effectiveness I daily question.

Who said life was simple and easy? What does it take to do work that makes people’s lives better? What are the essentials for a life that brings transformation wherever it is lived?


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