Every person has a song… sometimes it is upbeat and climactic, other times it is mellow and meloncholy. Sometimes its loud, and sometimes its silent. Sometimes its rockin’, and sometimes its peaceful. Every now and then stuff happens that makes the lyrics of our song not very easy to understand… where life is just confusing and chaotic, and there’s no dictionary in the world that can help to find the words, so we just give it our best shot. There are times when there simply are no words, and life allows us to simply enjoy the music of existence.

But sometimes life has a way of stealing your song.

In that place where I feel as if no one can help me, fix me, or offer me any kind of hope is where the music dies down, and all I can hear is the stillness and the deafening hunger deep within… its in that place where I just don’t feel like singing anymore.

There’s a part in the Bible where the author praises God for putting “a new song in my mouth.” Where did my song go? My voice, once pure and confident? God please breath on me. Give me a new song. I want to feel like singing again. I want to still crowds once again with the voice you have created me with. I want to ignite souls with the words you put in me when you created me.

I will sing again someday.


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