Its Sunday night. Actually its Monday morning… 1:27 A.M. I’m tired, but I’d rather write than sleep. Tonight I taught a lesson on Atheism… the logical result of removing God from how a person views the world. They say in communication classes that in order to really engage people, you have to appeal to their head, their heart, and their hands (will, application). Tonight was definitely more of a “head” message.

One of my favorite things about working with high schoolers is that I can say anything I want and not get in trouble for it when I’m speaking on Sunday nights. 🙂 I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but it sure is entertaining. I told the students tonight that “it’s ok if you are unsure whether to believe in God or not.” As I looked out in the audience, I could see a couple eyebrows being raised. I kind of anticipated that, because most Christians try to force people into believing by saying they have to… I feel like its important to affirm where people are at, and start there.

I was reminded tonight of how important it is to have intellectual reasons for faith in a world that is a Super Wal-Mart of religions and belief systems.

Tomorrow is my day off. I’m definitely going to go for a bike ride, and do some reading in a quiet place. I crave my day off so much… and it always seems to go by way too quickly…


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