In Atlanta this week. We’re here for the Orange Conference, a gathering of church leaders specifically focused on reaching the younger generation. I’m excited to spend a couple days listening to some good speakers, soaking up as much as I can, and getting my mind back on “work stuff” after being gone for the last couple weeks.

Today we visited North Point Community Church in Alpharetta… north of Atlanta. I was blown away by the quality of their children’s programs! It was cool to see both parents and kids in the same auditorium together… they call it KidStuf… its designed to have a family-friendly experience that parents and kids can share and talk about during the week. High energy… really funny, and great dramas.

We took a tour of the building, got to see the jr hi and high school services in action, and got to hear Andy Stanley speak. I was wiped out the entire day… last night Scott and I stayed up until 2:30 talking about life, leadership, the future, and real estate.  After getting back to the hotel, we crashed out for a couple hours, and now I feel refreshed. This has been the longest day of church ever. I’ll probably spend some time reading and journaling tonight, then crash out as early as possible. Looking forward to a great week.


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