Just got back from our staff retreat up at a Younglife camp in Williams, AZ called “Lost Canyon.” Its beautiful up there. I ate some great cookies, saw a tree steaming in the morning sunlight as if it had just gotten out of the shower, rode a Harley Road King, played some crazy games of volleyball, and heard some great testimonies of changed lives from other members of our staff.

Its an amazing thing to be on such a large team filled with people who are so talented. I’ve sometimes wondered if I would rather go to a smaller church where I could be the one calling the shots and making the decisions and whether that would be easier. But one thing I was reminded of this weekend: being a part of a great team is challenging to me. It makes me a better person. It forces me to learn from, listen to, and influence rather than have all my ideas be uncontested. Even though sometimes I struggle with not being in charge, I would much rather not be in charge and be on a team than be in charge and work alone.

The retreat was great. I’m speaking this weekend about Job’s conversation with his friends, and all the competing ideas they throw at him. I haven’t spoken for such a long time… since right after CIY this summer. I’m nervous, and almost feel unprepared to get back up on stage, but I trust that there is something bigger going on in my life. God has me in the midst of something, and I think it has a lot to do with learning how to be a servant, and to be able to do ministry and not have to get any credit.


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  1. Good catching up with you…hope your thoughts on Job came together! I just linked you to my blog..I’m trying to create more of a blog community…Lauren says it will help me get into it more. 🙂

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