The temperature is getting lower at night. The evening Phoenix sky above me watches over a world filled with souls. The silhouettes of palm trees in my back yard remind me of the evergreens against the night horizon back in Kansas. A bug crawls across the screen of my laptop trying to get a last little bit of warmth before winter begins. A motorcycle races in the distance, a far-off air-conditioner kicks on. I feel God. I feel destiny. In my backyard.

I think of the people in the world that with me right now are admiring the majesty of the night sky. We are connect by the Spirit through which existence breathes.

I think of how insignificant and unimportant my problems are as the earth keeps spinning and the universe keeps expanding. How foolish I am to not remember each day as I drive through the streets filled with traffic and go to work and make phone calls and drink coffee and type stuff on my computer and … (well, that’s about all I do at work). 🙂

Transcendance calls to me. Death approaches. How small my life…

I find my future written on my heart… confirmed by the crickets in the bushes.

The past gives me emotions I haven’t felt in a long time… realizing how many countless millions have died under this sky… how many of those were unspoken heroes whose story one day will be available for all to see… people who served, sacrificed, realized their own smallness enough to transcend this world.

Pierced by the beauty of this moment, I sit back in my patio chair and wish I had two things to top it all off: a cigar, and someone to enjoy it with.

The Book calls to me from my desk inside and I make a mental note that it is the only thing I would allow to interrupt the music of creation.


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  1. This phrase came to mind after reading ur post..Being in creation remembering the Creator…I like the point you made about remembering how small our problems are, I think that is vital.

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