The familiar silence…

Day off. Woke up early for a day off, around 8. Printed off a contract. Met with my new roomate. Met a friend who sold me tile and paid him for the rest of the job. Drove out to Surprise and had a profound conversation at Chipotle with DGB.

I had a couple great ideas that I didn’t write down because I was driving.

Surprise visit to a friend who was working at Starbucks, then home. Played playstation for awhile. Napped. Went to do some soccer training with Levi… the younger brother of a student in my bible study. Taught him the Kreuff.

Ate dinner at the Hoovers. BBQ chicken, green beans, homemade chocolate cake. Sigh.

Back home. Skipped small group for reasons to lame to mention.

Played playstation again.

Typed on my computer.

Massaged my sore abs.

Enjoyed the evening air out back, considered buying an outdoor firepit.

Dreaded all the meetings I have to sit through tomorrow.

Longed for a story to tell.



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