The prophet throughout human history is an individual who takes on a role of truth-teller. These were men whose lives ended in one of two ways: they were either honored or crucified. Responses were never neutral: their words resulted in either violence or repentance.

The question of the hour: who is willing to risk violence to truth-tell in this generation? The role of the prophet is never one that is easy… and nobody is/should be comfortable with it. It requires a person to condemn the very structures and systems in which the vast majority put their security. It requires a person to take a place of authority that most people interpret as arrogance. It requires that one be prepared to die for the sake of the truth. It requires the abandonment of familiarity and security for the sake of propagating justice in every person, relationship, culture, society, and religion.

It requires someone who listens to God.

Who knows how many people over the course of human history that God has tried to speak to and through but chose security instead?


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