I’ve been in New Orleans for almost three days now. Its been great to spend time with the folks here and get to know some new people. I’ve been challenged about how I think about living in community for sure. Tonight I learned how to clean a fish for the first time… the first couple I wasted a lot of meat on, but then Jerry, the guy across the street from Matt’s who is like an expert hunter/fisher came over and showed us how to do it. We cleaned the fish and Matt cooked/fried them and we had a great dinner. I’m blown away by how much community comes from eating together… sharing meals. That’s something that I want to start doing a lot: eating with other people… Never eating alone.

Anyway… still trying to figure out my life. I’m lost right now, but not lost in the sense that people should worry about me, but lost in the sense that I’m really unsure of what my next step will be.

Nevertheless, I have to keep moving forward or I will surely die.

I’m trying to seek God daily… as well as intensely examine myself… I think in a lot of ways I’m a bundle of motives competing against each other.

I read Psalm 26 tonight which reads “test me O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind.” That’s my prayer… that God would test me and examine me and dissect me and reveal to me the things that are in my heart that are preventing me from hearing his voice.


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