I had a great trip to New Orleans. I was reminded of a couple things:

The value of eating meals together with people. It was great to share meals and to learn how to gut fish. Evening meals are a great place to build community, get to know people, and share life with people. A new commitment I’m making is to never eat alone if I have a way not to… its too good of an opportunity to interact with others.

Caring for people’s needs and creating community takes a lot of work! The team in New Orleans that I got to live with have put in a lot of hours renovating homes, connecting with neighbors, and engaging the community many times at personal cost and comfort. It requires absolute and undivided commitment to the cause. Few people are prepared to give that kind of commitment.

Building a network of friends and partners in the work of God is encouraging and motivating. After spending a couple days in New Orleans with the team of folks at the Gathering I felt like I could totally be friends with and hang out with these people. I have a renewed sense of purpose coming off of this trip, and feel as if it was productive in connecting with some great people with a great heart for God!


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