A campfire blazes on the empty beach as the waves gently wash the coast. Night lies behind me and before me across the dark expanse of ocean, and the moonlight bleeds its way across the tops of the waves until it almost touches my feet. The tide gently washes over my toes, pulling the sand out from under them on the way back out to sea. I stare down watching it for a couple minutes and it reminds me that my life is like the tide…mighty and proud and energetic one moment, then washing back out to sea the next. The turmoil of thoughts and emotions swirl like a giant maelstrom in my mind. I scream out to the night waves, but they respond with the same sound they’ve been making since the beginning of time. The breeze from the ocean softly chills me, and I scoot closer to the fire.

I begin to see not only the obvious differences, but the similarities between the world at my back filled with cities and lights and people, by now long asleep in their beds, and the world at my face… both appearing one way on the surface, filled with depth and secrets beneath the surface no eye might ever see.

I lie back, cupping my hands to make a pillow of sand for my head, and stare up at the stars.

I feel peace.


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