What do you do to fill the emptiness?

Some people dress themselves up, put on some makeup, and go to places where they can get attention. Some people watch movies… every night after they get off work: movies distract them from the pressures of life, and fill the time of thier lonely lives. Some people look for a relationship with a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex these days) and try to fill their time and emptiness with a significant other. Then there’s those that go out and buy something. It doesn’t matter what… just the fact that it fills the time and it gives them something upon which to fix their momentary affections.

I, like many of the above listed ‘someones,’ have done a lot of things in my past to fill the emptiness…

I’ve drank and smoked.

I’ve fixed my affections on a woman, thinking she would bring me contentment.

I’ve played a LOT of video games, most recently World of Warcraft.

I’ve gone shopping… not really looking for anything in particular, just the thrill of the purchase.

I’ve wandered Wal-Mart looking at DVD racks for cheap $5 movies for hours, desperately digging through the bins for the epic find.

I’ve listed to a lot of preachers and sermons to try and give me the next quick fix.

I’ve read a lot of books, sometimes to learn, sometimes just to say that I’m smart and regurgitate information, and sometimes just to escape.

I’ve even sought God through the Bible, through prayer, and through Scripture.

I’ve sought to fill the emptiness by pouring myself into other people, serving and loving them.

My point is not which of these above listed things is right/wrong, even though you who know me know that I have my opinions about that. My point is that there is something that all humans share in common, no matter who you are. Its something that causes us to seek, to reach out, to do, live, be, act, work, strive.

Its the wanting.

We are all trying to fill a deficit, a void, a vacuum.

We are all seeking some kind of satisfaction.

We all crave something. That’s why we pursue the things we do and that’s why we make the choices we do.

What is it that our souls crave? And more importantly, is there anything out there that can bring lasting satisfaction to those things we are hungry for?

Therein lies the beginning of the human dilemma.


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