The first century was both an exciting and a dangerous time to be a Christian. Sick people were being healed through prayer. Lame beggers were being given the ability to walk. Blind people were receiving their sight again. The Bible even records that in the earliest community of Christians “everyone was filled with awe, and many miraculous signs and wonders were done by the apostles.”

I wish I could say those things about churches today.

What happened to the faith of the first community?

What happened to the sacrificial commitment to being ‘witnessess’ no matter what the cost?

What happened to the leadership courage of James and John in the face of death and imprisonment?

What happened to the ‘power’ that seemed to embolden the faith of those early Christians?

If Christians today cannot have access to that same power, then why do we even bother putting on programs, preaching sermons, and inviting people to church?


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  1. what happened to spitting in mud, rubbing it on someone’s eyes and them being able to see again?people claim they do miracles in the name of jeez and others discredit their ministry.i dunno… times have changed so, naturally, society and the christian community are going to change too. its not as easy as saying “we need to go back to first century faith-mindset.” thats virtually impossible.

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