I have a confession to make: I’m bored with attending church services.

Maybe its because I’ve been doing it for too long, or because I’ve heard most of the ideas before. Maybe its because I just need to get over my own personal preferences and realize that church services don’t exist to make me happy or to entertain me. Maybe its because I need to stop evaluating everything that happens in church services and just learn to enjoy them.

Or maybe its because they are led by people who are passionate about the wrong things.

What happens with church leaders are driven by a passion for pragmatic results? They lose reliance upon God. What about when they are passionate about numerical growth? They lose the value of the pastoral role of shepherding lives. The culture that’s created is one in which ‘the priesthood of all believers’ is replaced by ‘invite your friends to church.’

Raw passion for God is what excites, motivates, and inspires people. Where are all the men who have that?

I guess what it comes down to is that I don’t want to be ‘fed’ anymore. I want to be led. I want someone to follow who is living in passionate obedience to the Father, telling stories of sacrifice and faith along the way.


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  1. i’ve been bored for a while now, too.sometimes i wonder if the entire system hasn’t lost sight of its nature. it’s a community of people who are coming together to celebrate their faith and praise god, right? and we set a number of people from the community to the task of leading the time together.the entire nature of life, growth, and everything that entails (hard times, great times, birth, change, death, etc.) is missed for the goals of getting people to believe what we believe. why can’t we just all live together and share our faith? if we really believe in the right thing, people are bound to want to hang out with us, right?

  2. I like that you spell lose right. Most people spell it loose :/…Maybe you should attend a different church……Or start your own church and show ’em how its done (that’s what I would recommend):)

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