The wind is blowing outside and its freezing. I walked out to get the free pizza from Dominos when the delivery guy showed up, and the breeze was enough to make me guiltless about spending the evening @ home watching a Netflix movie. I got off work and waiting for me on the counter was a coupon for a free medium pizza and two dvds in the mailbox.

Tonight I watched Funny People. I’m normally not the type of person that enjoys the raunchy Seth Rogan types of movies, but this one looked interesting so I gave it a shot. Adam Sandler plays this comedian who is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and hires Ira, played by Seth Rogan to write jokes for him. The story is about their relationship and trying to cope with George (Adam Sandler’s character) and his depression.

There are a lot of people who try to hide their pain by being funny or using jokes or sarcasm… and some people are really good at it. Even though the movie was pretty much as inappropriate as I expected it to me, it did make me think about the age-old truth that everyone has a point of seriousness. They can only joke about life for so long, but there are certain things and topics that whenever touched in conversation, they simply cannot be made into a laughing matter. We all have a point of seriousness, about which not only do we want to take lightly, but we don’t want it to be taken lightly by other people either. We want them to see how important and sensitive it is to us.

I know what its like to make a joke out of things that are important to you because you don’t think they will be taken seriously by anyone else.


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