I’m a couple weeks into my new part-time job at Christ’s Church of Scottsdale and am enjoying getting to know everyone and working to complete our youth room (which will never be done!) I’ve enjoyed meeting some interesting people, and am starting to build some cool connections.

Yesterday we had just finished moving some stages around and unpacking some media carts, and I looked around at our room. I realized something: how easily we drift into methods and models of doing things simply because its the way they’ve always been done. I realized that I myself am in danger of becoming the very things that frustrated me about working for a church before. I spent some $ on video games, on couches, etc, had a HUGE screen donated to us from CCV along with some stage platforms and a projector. I don’t want to be a church that merely entertains. I want to be a church that authentically connects with people and challenges them to live out the message of Jesus.

The problem is that when we have a bunch of “stuff,” it creates the illusion of progress and growth. When we get a new TV, a pinball machine in the corner of the room, a ping pong table, etc, and people walk into the youth room, they automatically assume that our church has an effective youth program. What I know to be true is that stuff will never compensate for relationships. Facilities will never compensate for real and true friendships that students develop. My prayer is that I will not be distracted by stuff and programs and paychecks, but that my focus will always be on encouraging, loving, teaching, and enjoying people.


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