Wow… this has been one of the hardest weeks for me in a long time. Four major events happened all at once on Wednesday. There have been a few moments in my life where I’m convinced that there are evil forces conspiring to conquer me and steal my confidence. This weekend I’m preaching at our church on ‘exposing your secrets’ and never before have I felt a spiritual pressure such as the kind I feel right now, as if someone doesn’t want me to say what I must say, and as if someone doesn’t want people to confess their secrets. The weight of the world is on my shoulders, and everything is colliding. I found myself walking through my neighborhood trying to make sense of everything…

have you ever actually felt darkness closing in on you? That’s how I felt last night.

I found comfort this morning in a verse from the gospel of Mark, after Jesus has healed a deaf and mute man (whom in that day people assumed was afflicted by evil). The people ‘were overwhelmed with amazement,” and they said “he has done everything well…”

God has indeed done everything well in my life… he comforts the brokenhearted… and he does it well. He lifts me up when I’m in despair, regardless of my circumstances, and he does it well. He speaks kind words to me when the only voices around me are accusing and attacking, and he does it well.

As dark things happen all around me and within me, I hope and trust in the God of the light who has called me to shine his light that is within me to a world that is sitting in darkness.

My only prayer is that through whatever small pain I’m going through that good will come of it, and that restoration is on the horizon.

To the Sovereign God, who created the heavens and the earth with his great power and outstretched arm for which nothing is too difficult, may everything I do be a testimony to his glorious love and forgiveness.


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