Day 1: A Near-Life Experience

Well, we finally made it to California.  We left our church office yesterday morning with two vans filled with 16 people at MIDNIGHT.  I tried to sleep during the day so that I would be rested, but of course it didn’t happen.  Between packing and picking up the vans, I showed up at the church already tired, and praying that I’d be able to make the 6 hour drive to CA.

Luckily with the expertise of Tyler Lund and 4 Red Bulls, and gift packages from our CCS parents, we rolled into Disney around 6:30 AM.  There were no near-death experiences but according to Tyler, (after I made this observation), there WERE some near- life experiences.  ðŸ™‚  We all played frisbee in the parking lot after a few egg McMuffins, met up with the McKennas and the Keslers, and the group headed to Disney while I went over to Biola to get all of our rooms ready.

We probably took 20 pictures of our students in their zombie-like state from the night before… this was one of my favorite parts of the day: watching everyone from our group transition slowly from tired, to crankie, to delirious, to slap-happy, and to the final stage of sleeplessness which I call zombie.

Katie and Connor were the first ones to turn zombie before we ever got into Disney.  We had to quarantine them so that the others wouldn’t get infected.  Ha!

At Disney we split into groups and sent each group of students with a leader.  I took all the students who were too tired to even see straight and went and rode Pirates of the Carribean like 4 times.  After a full day at the park we ended it with a showing of the Aladdin musical.  Out of our entire group there were maybe three students that didn’t sleep through the whole thing.  It was AWESOME!  We left Disney around like 6:30 and grabbed some Chipotle on the way back to the campus.  Then we checked in and split off girls/guys.  The guys played poker and threatened to send the freshmen students through the “hallway gauntlet,” but were soon snoring in their beds.
Its going to be an amazing week…


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