Day 3: Get in the Ring!

Yesterday was our first full day here at Biola.  Some great memories were created, and our group started to come together.  The topic/theme for today was “truth.”  We talked about how there were false teachers in Ephesus and so the apostle Paul is encouraging Timothy to fight for the truth.  In our morning group time, the guys and girls split up and we went to a lobby in our dorm and discussed all the different world religions, and why its important to stand for the truth.  We talked about what truth is: its not a proposition, but a person: Jesus.  Talk about philosophical stuff!  We had a lot of great dialog.

After lunch we had a session with Dave Ramsey’s daughter about how to manage your finances.  Our students were challenged to have an emergency fund, to trust God with their finances, and to be good managers of their money and not incrue debt.  After that, a bunch of us went up to the soccer fields and played a big game of soccer with a few other church groups.
At our night session, a guy named Mark Moore did a video on what truth is: (1) truth is a person: Jesus said i am the way, the truth, and the life, (2) truth is a story… the story of the church reveals the truth of the message of Jesus, and (3) I can’t even remember the third one.  In the video he shared the story about his mom who was a lesbian with whom he had been trying to share the love of Christ.  He challenged our students to choose one person in their lives with which they could continue “getting in the ring” with and standing up for the truth, allowing the life of Christ to shine through them to.
At youth group time afterwards, I asked our students the question: “who do you need to get in the ring with?”  We had a lot of people share about what prevented them from standing up for what they believed, or from initiating spiritual conversations.  We all concluded that what we needed was accountability and community.  A lot of times its easy to go back to school and feel like you’re alone.  We encouraged each other, remembering that we are NOT alone, but that we are all a part of a community.
We had a great time in the dorms later that night.  Mitch braved the “gauntlet,” a hallway filled with screaming boys with pillows which they claimed was the rite of passage for freshmen.
Funny observations from our trip so far:
–Connor Shelby’s perpetual lack of shirt. 
–Ryan the senior that constantly gets mistaken for a freshmen. 
–Connor McK’s constant requests to go work out “dude, lets go get swoll…”
–Chris Diffie’s epic goalkeeping ability.
–How no one wants to take showers in the handicap shower except for me. 
–the “ninja” game phenomenon.
–going to sleep at 11:30 is more of a guideline than a rule.  (a suggestion)
–how everyone keeps saying “for reals?”  after everything I say. 
–John Kesler taking ten plates of pizza from the cafe. 
–Austin Kerr having an answer for everything. 

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