Day 4: Everyone’s Got a Chair

What an awesome day here at Biola U!  Our group is having a great time, and due to all the time that we have spent together, is starting to look like more of a family!  Its always like this with weeks of camp.  By about the third day, the group has gotten to know each other a bit more and is starting to gel.  Its awesome to watch!

We had a fun morning, some great discussion in our D-groups.  Each student was given a small mirror.  We went around and discussed things that we liked about our physical features and things that we would change.  Then we had students write one word on the small mirrors that they were given that symbolized the obstacles or barriers that were preventing them from looking like Jesus, or reflecting the character of God.  It got deep pretty quickly!  I’m amazed at the courage of our guys specifically to get real about their insecurities and imperfections.  Powerful stuff…

In the afternoon, Haley, Mychal, Sarah, Connor S, Ryan S., and Jen entered the volleyball tournament.  Their original plan was to lose the first game so that they could go play soccer but I wasn’t going to have that!  I told them they are either going to play to win or they are going to withdraw from the competition… no letting the other team win!  They ended up getting all the way to the final round and lost to another church… that’s alright guys… next year…

Today’s theme was “godliness” from 1 Tim. 4:7 : “train yourselves to be godly, for physical training is of some value but godliness holds value for all things, both in the present life and in the life to come.”  At the night session Matt Proctor spoke again.  This time his message was on “everyone’s got a chair.”  He talked about the three chairs of committment (he had three chairs on stage): the chair of commitment, the chair of compromise, and the chair of complacency.  It was a powerful message: where he reminded our students that Jesus fiercest words were for people in the middle chair, the compromise chair, not the complacency chair.  He called our students to commit all their passion and devotion to Jesus… to move into the commitment chair, and to surrender everything to God in their pursuit of godliness.

There was also a cool moment in the session where they had the students go outside.  There was as tring of lights and lightbulbs.  The challenge was to write the name of someone on one of the bulbs that they neeeded to share Christ with and screw the bulb into the string of lights.  It was a cool visual reminder that we are the light of the world and our purpose is to share the love of Jesus with everyone… (see picture below)

At our youth group time, I set up three similar looking chairs and opened up our discussion by calling students to come forward and to physcially sit in the chair that represented where they were at in their commitment to Christ.  One by one our students got up and sat in the chairs and confessed openly and honestly where they were at, and what was preventing them from moving to the commitment chair.  We called our students to make some decisions.  A few decided to raise the white flag of surrender and to commit their lives to Jesus… AWESOME!

It was a powerful day… some great relationships formed, some great stories created, and some new memories that we won’t forget.  I love these students!  Thanks for all your support and prayer!

Which chair are YOU sitting in?


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