God Likes You.

Accepting and embracing God’s love has definitely been a journey for me in my life that is still incomplete.  The greater challenge for me, however, has been realizing that not only does he love me, but he really likes me.
A lot of people talk about how God loves you.  For many of us, God’s love is something of which we constantly have to grow into our awareness of it.  Not to downplay that huge reality of God’s love, but I also think something that I need to understand and that you need to understand is that God likes you.  He enjoys you.  He enjoys your personality that he created.  He takes great delight in your idiosycracies and qualities. 
I know that God loves me: I’m confident in that.  But sometimes I wrestle with being confident in whether he likes me. 
I know that there are people that I really love but that I don’t really like.  I wouldn’t want to hang out with them on a daily basis.  I don’t think that God is like that : I think God loves me, but he also likes me a whole lot.   He likes my personality: he created it.  He enjoys spending time with me.  He celebrates with my successes and sympathizes with my failures, no matter what.  He really wants to see me find, choose, and claim joy.  He really wants me to marvel in his beautiful creation, love and enjoy the people that He has created in whose proximity he has placed me.  In me, he has woven together a specific and unique set of gifts and talents that he has called me to use to reflect his glory in a way that brings him pleasure and joy.
I wonder how our outlook on life would change if we embraced the truth that not only does God love us unconditionally enough to endure the cross, but also that he really likes us…
“…He will rejoice over you with singing…” Zeph. 3:17

One thought on “God Likes You.

  1. this is a really nice blog..but this one post…what is the difference…I always thought 'love' is greater than 'like'..Could you explain………

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